Welcome to OutSourceRox, your trusted source for Information Technology and Office Supplies.

OutSourceRox was founded in 2016, by Roxroy Bollers who has been associated with the IT sector for well over twenty years. Over the years I have worked in the following capacities - IT Coordinator, GIS and IT Consultant, CMRV technology training lead and ODK electronic form developer.

We are a Technology Service Provider - Experienced in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Electronic Data Collection Solutions, Web Design and Development, Specialized Online Sourcing and Procurement, CCTV Installation and maintenance, Remote IT Support and PC Repairs.

We provide IT Support Services for NGO's, Learning Institutions, Private Business Owners, International Companies, Government Institutions and many of the Amerindian umbrella organizations in Region 9 and communities.

We offer business and home solutions which are geared to help enterprises and consumers become more efficient and do more with technology.

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